The growth of Stephan M

The evolution.

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Stephan M - Creative Marketing and Advertising - The Evolution

Stephan M registered with the chamber of commerce in 2007. This happened at the advice of people around him, because if he would work for a company, they would own all his creative ideas. Stephan had the drive to start his own company in marketing and advertising and create a working team. Full of confidence Stephan starts more


Brands we want to work with.

Gepost door: Stephan
Stephan M - Creative Marketing and Advertising - For creative living

Stephan is usually wearing black. Some people think he only owns one set of clothes… Bianca knows better.

She knows Stephan has a strong desire to work more with fashion. She also knows that he has the secret wish to once work for Diesel and create a campaign that will speak to the world. She knows he is someone who used to decorate his student room with Diesel posters. more

The Operation of Stephan M

It's a bargain!

Gepost door: Bianca

Due to the positive reactions on the banner on the website and same poster in the window of the Stephan M office, we decided to make it also available for you!

The poster is offered in the SHOP. Because we sold already enough copies at our Bar, we can keep our price as low as possible for you. For only  € 7,= you’ve got your own special copie! more

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