Stephan Makatita

Stephan M and its people

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Stephan M - Stephan Makatita - Creatieve Marketing en Reclame - Creative Director

Bianca about Stephan

Stephan is always looking for the best fit and won’t stop until the picture is perfect. Sometimes he drives us crazy with his ideas, but he manages to turn his ideas into reality every time. He loves what he does, which makes it a pleasure to work with him.

The Don about Stephan

Stephan is enterprising, creative and has a knack for thinking out of the box. He translates strategies into creative concepts and is always looking for innovative ways to satisfy the customer’s needs.  His strengths can be found in his refreshing way of thinking and courage to approach things differently.


Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Favorite brands:
Inspiring places:
Purpose of life:
Alphen aan den Rijn
Creative Director
Diesel, Gusto, Coca Cola
Asia, Barcelona
Heeft u daar spekkoek bij?
Creating a new experience
Giving birth to a new concept
Fortune cookies

The growth of Stephan M

The evolution.

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Stephan M - Creative Marketing and Advertising - The Evolution

Stephan M registered with the chamber of commerce in 2007. This happened at the advice of people around him, because if he would work for a company, they would own all his creative ideas. Stephan had the drive to start his own company in marketing and advertising and create a working team. Full of confidence Stephan starts more


Brands we want to work with.

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Stephan M - Creative Marketing and Advertising - For creative living

Stephan is usually wearing black. Some people think he only owns one set of clothes… Bianca knows better.

She knows Stephan has a strong desire to work more with fashion. She also knows that he has the secret wish to once work for Diesel and create a campaign that will speak to the world. She knows he is someone who used to decorate his student room with Diesel posters. more

Stephan M for you.

Because you deserve it.

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Stephan M is all about creativity in marketing and advertising. The office is specialized in complete concepts, where it starts with an idea and ends with a complete strategy for all communication, marketing, advertising, PR and a remarkable campaign.

Stephan M will guide you through the whole process and will also be your partner in the realization of your concept. Design, websites and webdvelopment, social media, text, PR, organization and photography are some of the things Stephan M has to offer. This way, we make sure you find the right tone-of-voice and your competition will fade. If you’re not interested, definitely don’t call 0172-889031 for more information.



Stephan M and its people

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Stephan M - Creatieve Marketing en Reclame - Boekhouding

Stephan about Savior (Protector of the books)

Savior: “Yes Bianca, you can have the sustainable coffee”. “However, if you buy it at the supermarket around the corner next week it will be on sale. While you’re there, you should probably buy three bags, so we will have enough until the next sale is on.” more

Bianca Leemkuil

Stephan M and its people.

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Stephan M - Creatieve Marketing en Reclame - Bianca Leemkuil

Stephan about Bianca

Bianca is a communication wiz, someone who raises a positive reaction in her conversation partners. She has unsurpassable people skills and a very green heart. Even doing research among the coffee planters in Honduras. Nothing is too much for her when it comes to this. more

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