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It's a bargain!

Gepost door: Bianca

Due to the positive reactions on the banner on the website and same poster in the window of the Stephan M office, we decided to make it also available for you!

The poster is offered in the SHOP. Because we sold already enough copies at our Bar, we can keep our price as low as possible for you. For only  € 7,= you’ve got your own special copie! more

Stephan M partner MVO Nederland

Both with a capital "M"!

Gepost door: Stephan

One half of Stephan M is extremely green, the other half just a little less. This is because the first half already has so much experience in the green sector that the person put next to it will always look less green. This might sound a little sad, however, it really isn’t. on the contrary, the green half complements the other half. And how? more

House rules The Lab


Gepost door: Stephan
Stephan M - creatieve marketing en reclame - Huisregels


For our foreign followers we translated our House Rules. Hopefully you appreciate it.It has come to our attention that our House Rules are not properly lived by. Currently we receive a lot of visitors, also unannounced. Therefore we find it important to make you aware of our House Rules. We think it’s quite ordinary that you read these before making a stopover. (And to make sure you do, we can ask some random questions while you’re here)


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