Stephan M and its people

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Stephan M - Creatieve Marketing en Reclame - Boekhouding

Stephan about Savior (Protector of the books)

Savior: “Yes Bianca, you can have the sustainable coffee”. “However, if you buy it at the supermarket around the corner next week it will be on sale. While you’re there, you should probably buy three bags, so we will have enough until the next sale is on.” more

Bianca Leemkuil

Stephan M and its people.

Gepost door: Stephan
Stephan M - Creatieve Marketing en Reclame - Bianca Leemkuil

Stephan about Bianca

Bianca is a communication wiz, someone who raises a positive reaction in her conversation partners. She has unsurpassable people skills and a very green heart. Even doing research among the coffee planters in Honduras. Nothing is too much for her when it comes to this. more

Restaurant business

Business with experience.

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Stephan M - Creative marketing and advertising - restaurant

In the business of entrepreneurship, it is actually allowed to take your own interests into consideration and choose the clients/business areas that you feel a personal connection with. It so happens that we like more


Brands we want to work with.

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A fullservice marketing and advertising company where creativity is the reason for joy in our life, where everybody comes to work with a happy face and uses the weekend to recharge after the party. The world according to more

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